The Finance for Startups Program

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Learn the Real Finance Skills to Run Startups, Like...

✅ Financial modeling for eComm, SaaS & Marketplace startups
✅ How to measure the key drivers of growth and profitability
✅ Growth tactics & monetization strategies
✅ How to dissect the performance of your marketing funnel
✅ How to fundraise and what to expect by round
✅ Exits: advantages & disadvantages of different options

What if You Could Take My 9 Years of Experience Working in Startups - and Learn Them in 8 Weeks?

That’s why I created this Program!

In university and also when I started working, I didn't understand how money-losing startups could be so “valuable”, what metrics they ran on, the complex monetization strategies of tech businesses, and why VCs pumped billions into them.
I was so frustrated.
So I spent years and years working at startups, talking with VCs, and Googling & Youtubing things when I couldn’t find anyone to explain them to me.
Nowadays, I advise startups on their finance & growth strategies. I’ve helped many different startups navigate all types of fundraising and growth, and so far two of them have been acquired for a combined $600MM!


The Program Covers Eight Subject Areas (45 Lectures Total):

  1. Finance 101 Review 
  2. Underlying Drivers and Metrics Behind All Businesses
  3. Understanding & Measuring Digital Marketing Performance
  4. Financial Modeling for eCommerce + Case Study
  5. Financial Modeling for SaaS + Case Study
  6. Financial Modeling for Marketplaces + Case Study
  7. Budgeting Processes and Updating Models
  8. Mechanics of Fundraising - Rounds, Valuations, Vehicles, Exits, Etc.
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So Who Is This Program For?

✅ You Are a Founder of a Startup Trying to Scale your Business, Fundraise, and Build Financial Models
✅ You Are a Financial Professional Wanting to Break Into the Startup World 
✅ You Are a Student and Want to Dive Into the Exploding Tech Ecosystem 
✅ You Are a VC or PE Investor Looking to Get a Deeper Understanding of the Financial Dynamics of Startups 
✅ You Are Trying to Develop a Technical Finance Background  
✅ You Have Zero Experience - I Included a Bonus Module That Covers Finance 101 to Get You Caught Up 
✅ You Have Some Experience - CFOs Hire Me to Build Their Models, and I Teach This Entire Skillset From A-Z

What Will You Get Out of This Program?


You will learn the financial modeling skills & strategies to run finance for startups. These are things I’ve learned and continue to learn over my career, and I’m going to teach you everything I know.

It is extremely wide-ranging - moving through finance, marketing, case studies, discussions, technical skills, and more.

Once you get through this program, you will be able to dive straight into the startup ecosystem.

You will also have lifetime access to the materials, livestreams and be part of the alumni community – so the program never ends!

If you put 100% into Finance for Startups, I genuinely believe that it has the potential to completely transform your career.

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Everything You'll Receive If You Enroll 


✅ Lectures: 45 Video Lectures Totaling Over 20 Hours (Value: $5,000, Based on My Consulting Rates)

✅ Community: Lifetime Access to Private Community With All Alumni Where I Answer Your Questions (Value: $99)

✅ Coaching: Five Bi-monthly Livestream Q&A Sessions Over the Course of 9 Weeks (Value: $250)

✅ Legal Advice: A Startup / VC Lawyer Will Answer All Your Questions on an Exclusive Livestream (Value: $500)

✅ Excel Training Courses: Both of My Excel Training Courses (70+ Lectures) Included 100% Free (Value: $50, Over 4,000 Alumni)

✅ Venture-Quality Financial Models: 6 Financial Models + Entire Course Curriculum in Excel (Value: $5,000, I Charge $3-5k per Custom Model as a Consultant)

✅ Certificate of Completion:  I’ll Issue You a Certificate That You Can Add to Your LinkedIn (Value: $50)

✅ Alumni Network: Join Our Alumni Network to Share Opportunities in the Future (Value: $25)

✅ Lifetime Access: Enrolling Today Guarantees You Lifetime Access to This Program at Today’s Price (Prices Will Rise)


Total Value: $10,974

Registration for Cohort 4 Is Closed

To get early access to Cohort 5, enter your email on the waitlist below and I’ll send you a registration link 24 hours before the general public.

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⚠️ Pricing will go up over time as this curriculum grows.