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Hi, I'm Eric Andrews. I'm an Outsourced CFO & Growth Marketer for startups.

Over the last nine years, I’ve helped more than a dozen startups raise money, scale, and get exits for their teams.

My mission is to teach you everything I've learned about finance and growth.

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The Finance for Startups Program


A cohort-based online training program teaching the finance skills used to run and scale tech startups.

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About me

I used to be Head of Finance for a startup called iD Tech (acquired for $200mm), but I decided to leave that role in 2020 to focus on teaching and working with early-stage startups.

These days, I:

  • Train over 100,000 people a month through my Youtube channel.
  • Have given out over 50,000 financial models for free.
  • Run a program called “Finance for Startups” where I teach small cohorts of people the financial modeling skills & growth strategies to scale startups.
  • Help early-stage founders scale as a consultant.

My main mission is to help empower the startup ecosystem by open-sourcing critical skills, building networks, and helping as many people be successful as possible.