Become an Excel Power User in 2.5 Hours

After a decade working in finance, I designed this curriculum around the exact Excel skills you need to be successful - and excluded what you really don’t need to know.

In just 2.5 hours, this course will help you master Excel's most powerful features as well as increase your speed and efficiency dramatically. 

  • Level: Beginner-Intermediate
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What You'll Learn

⭐ Become proficient in business-focused Excel.

⭐ Increase speed 3X using keyboard shortcuts.

⭐ Clean and manipulate business data sets.

⭐ Filter and sort to investigate business questions.

⭐ Develop graphical visualizations to simplify big data.

⭐  Create advanced conditional statements.

⭐ Write powerful Vlookup & Hlookup formulas to extract specific information from data tables.

⭐ Quantify the sensitivity of business models to changes in multiple variables simultaneously using what-if-analysis.

⭐ Slice, dice, and extract insights from large data sets using pivot tables.

🔑 Unlock Access for $49

So Who Is This Course For?


✅ You Use Excel on a Daily Basis but Need to Improve Your Skills.

✅ You Have Zero Experience in Excel - Don’t Worry, We Start With the Basics.

✅ You Are a Student Wanting to Develop Better Excel Skills to Be Competitive.

This Course Is Probably Not for if You Already Have Heavy Excel Modeling Experience (Although You May Like My Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse-Free Excel Course


4.7/5.0 (from 3500+ students)

I took Eric's Keyboard course 1st - and my speed + comprehension of Excel got so much better so fast, I decided to take this one. More importantly to me - my Enjoyment of Excel is really taking off - due to the practical business applications Eric has created to teach the various components and capabilities of Excel - plus the additional practice Exercise sessions. Highly recommended - plus his YouTube content!


-Douglas H.

I have no expectation learning the course but as I went through it, it opened me to a lot of learnings that watching you tube sessions cant compare. Thank you and will check for more of your courses.


Carol E.

This course was amazing! I had zero exposure to Excel before taking this course.

I found each of the sections very easy to understand, the combination of the lesson files with the videos is very helpful and interactive. Topping the sections off with some practice made me feel confident in the topics taught. The course is very well organized and it feels like someone is right there with you showing the helpful things that can be done with Excel.

- Hunter S.

Everything You'll Receive If You Enroll


This is a 100% example-based Excel training course with a special emphasis on speed & efficiency - the key to being an Excel power user. You’ll learn how to build models, write formulas, and perform analysis.


 Lectures: 35 Video Lectures Including 2.5 Hours of Hands-on Training and 1 Hour of Practice Exercises.

 Excel Templates: Download the Entire Course Content in an Excel File to Use as a Tool in the Future.

▶ Practice Exercises: Reinforce Your Skills Through the Practice Exercise Lectures at the End of Each Module (8 Lectures).

▶ SupportPost Any Questions You Have and I’ll Get Back to You Right Away.

 Lifetime Access: Enrolling Today Guarantees You Lifetime Access to This Program at Today’s Price.

 Certificate of Completion: I’ll Issue You a Certificate That You Can Add to Your LinkedIn.

Course Curriculum

8 Modules • 35 Lectures • 3h 40m total length

🚨 Requirements

1. 💻 You should be running a Windows operating system to get the most out of the course. The functionality & keyboard shortcuts are different for Excel on a Mac OS. 

  • If you really want to take it on a Mac you can download this app to enable native keyboard shortcuts.

2. 📊 Please make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Microsoft Excel.

3. ⌨️ You should be using a full PC keyboard with function keys (if you are using a laptop, I would advise using a full-sized external keyboard).

🔑 Unlock Access for $49