Master Excel Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse-Free Navigation

If there is one single skill that can make you 5X more productive (with minimal effort) - it's learning how to use Excel without using the mouse. 

 In this 3-hour course, I will teach you how to exponentially improve your productivity by mastering Excel keyboard shortcuts.

  • Level: Beginner-Intermediate
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What You'll Learn

⭐ Increase speed 3-5X by abandoning the mouse (I will prove this to you).

⭐ Easily navigate through all menus of Excel without using the mouse.

⭐ Rapidly write, edit and manipulate formulas.

⭐ Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to replace slower functions.

⭐ Highlight data, navigate through spreadsheets & across tabs without the mouse.

⭐ Confidently use nearly all features of Excel without the mouse.

🔑 Unlock Access for $49

What if You Could Save Years of Your Life Wasted in Excel - By Studying For 3 Hours?


Over the last 10 years, I've seen how much Excel speed matters. I've worked with people chugging along, day in and day out with the mouse, developing tendinitis, working long hours - just because they were slow in Excel!

When I was about 20, I started searching for the fastest ways possible to get my work done in Excel. It didn't take long...

I remember after I graduated, I had a modeling project that my boss estimated would take 3 weeks - and I did it in 3 hours. She couldn't believe it when I sent her the file. She gave me the rest of the day off!

In this course, I've summarized the most important skills I've learned. We'll practice them side-by-side and you'll be up-to-speed in just a few hours 😎


So Who Is This Course For?


You Use Excel on a Daily Basis but Always Use The Mouse For Everything

✅ You Use Some Keyboard Shortcuts But Still Rely Heavily on the Mouse & Want To Master Mouse-Free Excel

✅ You Use Tons of Shortcuts but Know There Is More to Learn (Review the Curriculum Below to Check)

✅ You Have Seen Someone That Is Faster Than You in Excel

❎ This Course Is Probably Not for You if You Have No Experience in Excel (This Course Requires Familiarity With Basic Formulas & Concepts in Excel, if You Need to Learn the Basics Check Out My Other Course and Come Back Afterward)


4.6/5.0 (from 1200+ students)

I use Excel each and every day for my job (Accounting/Finance) and am very comfortable with the tool, however, my knowledge with navigating Excel mouse-free is limited. I recently accepted a new position where working more efficiently within Excel is a high priority. This class not only taught me more about Excel functionality, but also was a great overview of how to navigate nearly all functions that I use in Excel, mouse-free! I would highly recommend for even Excel power users!

-Morrie C.

Just what I needed to sharpen my navigation of excel. I'm in a role currently that unexpectedly relies heavily on excel, this will help make my job easier while boosting productivity and saving me time. Thanks Eric!


- Duane L.

This course was very good for me as I have never been taught how to use the keyboard instead of the mouse. I find that I remember more when watching a course rather than just reading the list of commands, so found this very worthwhile. It is clearly delivered and thoughtfully set out.


-Michaela B.

Everything You'll Receive If You Enroll


This is a 100% example-based Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts course with a focus on dramatically increasing your speed in Excel. You'll learn how to use Excel entirely without the mouse.


 Lectures: 32 Video Lectures Including 2 Hours of Hands-on Training and 1 Hour of Practice Exercises.

▶ Excel Templates: Download the Entire Course Content in an Excel File to Use as a Tool in the Future.

▶ Practice Exercises: Reinforce Your Skills Through the Practice Exercise Lectures at the End of Each Module (8 Lectures).

▶ SupportPost Any Questions You Have and I’ll Get Back to You Right Away.

 Lifetime Access: Enrolling Today Guarantees You Lifetime Access to This Program at Today’s Price.

 Certificate of Completion: I’ll Issue You a Certificate That You Can Add to Your LinkedIn.

Course content

🚨 Requirements

1. 💻 You should be running a Windows operating system to get the most out of the course. The functionality & keyboard shortcuts are different for Excel on a Mac OS. 

  • If you really want to take it on a Mac you can download this app to enable native keyboard shortcuts.

2. 📊 Please make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Microsoft Excel.

3. ⌨️ You should be using a full PC keyboard with function keys (if you are using a laptop, I would advise using a full-sized external keyboard).


🔑 Unlock Access for $49